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  • Create a custom error page like the pros do.
    Error page can be edited to look just like your site.
  • Logs all errors to a text file.
  • Mails the webmaster the logfile.Includes protection to prevent your servers Spam detector from going off. Unlike other error monitors it sends no more that one email per day.
  • Sample html error screens included.
  • Added support to ignore icons and or robots.
    Added support for spammer contact form probing by 406 error messages.
    Fixed bug where log did not reset when email was turned off
    Added klill cron to kill any fine on your site everytime the log resets. This helps keep down your servers PHP error logs and other logs that may grow on your site.
    Added Agent tracking. Shows all agents names and how many times they visited. This replaces robots.txt tracking.
    Upgraded all databases.

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    Please note this software is no longer supported as I have switched to using PHP and the server owners do not want errors redirected to scripts because they say it loads the server to much.
    If you own your own server you are still free to try the script but I will not release any new versions.

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